Heathrow to Cambridge Transfers

Coming from Heathrow to Cambridge for a business meeting? Why not book your ride from Heathrow to Cambridge? You can enjoy in-car Wi-Fi with qualified drivers and make your boring journey into a memorable adventure. 

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Booking a taxi from Heathrow to Cambridge, and a return ride from Cambridge to Heathrow is not an expensive step now. Prestige Taxis Heathrow is here to provide a luxury experience based on your travel needs. All the vehicles are well-equipped and driven by experienced and trained drivers. They know what it takes to provide an extra comfortable journey.

So, whether you want to travel from Heathrow to Cambridge or need to book a ride from Cambridge to Heathrow with family, Prestige Taxis offer a stunning range of vehicles with luxurious features.

Traveling with children? Don’t worry, we have age-appropriate and comfortable seats. Vacationing with family? No worries, we have cars that accommodate your luggage as well as 6-8 persons easily. Going to attend a meeting? Or picking a client from the airport? We know that an executive car can make all things easy by providing a pleasant travel experience.

Book your ride today and let’s explore the wonders of the city with Prestige Taxis Heathrow.

Limited Time Deal

Prestige Taxis Heathrow offer affordable taxi service from Heathrow to Cambridge We have clean cars and friendly drivers to make your journey a rememberable one.

Heathrow to Cambridge

*Early morning pickup and late night will be charged extra.

£ 175

Key Points from Heathrow to Cambridge

Distance by Road  70.8 miles / 113.9 km
Average Taxi Travel Time 1 hr 40 minutes
Max Number of Passenger 4
Max Number of Luggage   4
Free Waiting time      45 Minutes
Hospitality Features  WiFi + Phone Charger + Snacks + Drinks
Cars Available

Mercedes Benz , Audi A8 , Ford Galaxy

How to Book ?


Features of Our Taxi Services from Heathrow to Cambridge:

Now you can have great peace of mind with our leading Heathrow to Cambridge Taxi transfers. You don’t even have to worry about cancellation or flight delays because we follow a proper mechanism to track your flight timings. Have a look at some incredible features that set us apart from other taxi transfers in Heathrow.


Qualified, punctual, and professional drivers


Our cars are well-equipped, maintained, and cleaned


24 hours available,Timely service, no delays


Comfortable and reliable journey


You can book a round trip from Heathrow to Cambridge at affordable rates.


100% customer satisfaction


Excellent customer support


Hassle-free booking process


Friendly staff


Meet and greet service

3 Step Booking Process

Booking a ride from Heathrow to Cambridge and back is not a difficult process now. We have an online booking form through which you can enter details and checkout. Have a look at our hassle booking process to book your ride.

Step 1: Enter Trip Details:

In the third step, you will receive an email confirmation message in which you will have all the detail about your trip and payment receipt.

Step 2: Get an Instant Quote:

After entering your trip details, you will get an instant quote that entails your trip information and fare details.

Step 3: Confirmation Email

Once you get a quote, you will receive a confirmation email. The email contains information about your trip and receipt. 

Why Book a Ride with Prestige Taxis Heathrow?

Want to book your ride with Prestige taxis for Heathrow to Cambridge trip? No worries, you have chosen the right platform that addresses your travel needs efficiently. Have a look at some more amazing reasons for choosing Prestige Taxis for your next ride.

Prestige Taxis Heathrow offers an extensive range of luxury cars that are equipped with modern technology.

We follow a proper flight tracking system so we can provide the ride accordingly.

Our booking process is easy. Just fill a form, get a quote and you are ready to go.

We accept multiple payment methods according to our client’s convenience.

All the drivers are professional, friendly, and well-mannered.

We also provide a meet and greet service so we can pick you up in a proper way.

Our cars are clean and sanitized so you don’t have to worry about Covid19.

If you experience any issue, you can contact our customer support 24/7.

We have vehicles available for 6-8 people, so you can enjoy a good family trip.

Our prices are affordable more than a regular taxi service in London

Waiting and parking and flight cancellation facility is also included in the trip.

Choose Your Vehicle:

Want to ride on Audi? Or Mercedes Benz? We have a range of luxury and executive cars so that you can enjoy your trip comfortably.

Have a look at our below cars before confirming your Heathrow to Cambridge Trip with Prestige Taxi.

Mercedes Benz E Class

Mercedes Benz E-Class is one of our most luxurious 5-seater vehicles that features supreme comfort for a peaceful journey as well as contains a proper workstation for your successful business meetings.

Our prices are extremely competitive for such luxury vehicles as £40.00 per hour in London, and £55.00 per hour outside London.

The car also comprises blue efficiency and start-stop technology, making it a perfect vehicle for your business meetings and airport transfers.


Audi A8 L

Audi A8 Lis is another luxury car that features a touchscreen device for excellent car control, it also has additional space for seats reclining.

Since the car is more luxurious than Mercedes Benz, its rates are £50.00 per hour in London and £65.00 per hour outside London.

It has a long-wheelbase model that features air suspension and other amazing features.



Ford Galaxy

Traveling with a group of six friends and family members is no longer difficult now because Prestige Taxis provide you an option to book a Ford Galaxy car that is best for events like weddings, parties, and holidays.

The car has ample space for 6-8 people and can also accommodate your luggage, bags, and sports item. Especially if you are going on an adventure, you need different items with you, which can be easily accommodated on the roof box.

It also features a Tri-zone climate control as well as a DVD entertainment system so that you can enjoy and have fun with your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for waiting time at Heathrow airport?

We charge reasonable fees for waiting. We offer 15 minutes grace period for all domestic flights as well as 30 minutes for all international flights. In case your flight is late, we also keep track and provide the car accordingly.

How can I book my ride from Cambridge to Heathrow?

It’s easy. You can simply visit our official website and fill our online form. Enter your details and get a receipt that proceeds to checkout. 

Where will the driver be?

Your driver will meet you at the exact pickup point. If you are booking from Heathrow airport, the driver will meet you outside the gate with your name card. However, if you are choosing your home destination, then he will be outside at your door.

What makes you special among other taxi transfers?

There are a lot of points that make us special among others. For example, our fares are extremely affordable that are calculated based on your distance and other trip details. Our cars are well-equipped with modern-day technology. The drivers are also quite professional and have great road sense. In case the roads are busy, they choose an alternative route to take to your destination quickly and timely.

What if my flight is canceled?

Don’t worry. We do not charge a single buck if the flight is canceled. Once you provide us with your flight number, we will track your flight. If it gets delayed or canceled, we will automatically cancel your booking as well. You don’t even have to inform us, as our tracking system already does.

Do I also need to pay for parking charges?

The drivers will always be charged while exiting the airport. These charges are not pre-determined. So, once you book your ride, we will inform you about the charges as well. Though these parking charges are also quite reasonable, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Can I book my ride with multiple pickups or drop-offs?

Yes, you can. However, you need to visit our website and communicate with our professionals. They will guide you about booking your ride for multiple pickups.

What are the payment methods?

You can either pay cash or via your credit/debit card. We always prefer our client’s convenience.

What Our CLIENTS Say About Us

Prestige Taxis Heathrow is one of the best taxi transfers services in London that is trusted by thousands of people. Here we have mentioned some important testimonials that further help you decide before confirming your trip with Prestige Taxis.


“My first experience with prestige taxi Heathrow was delightful. I used PTH to Pick me up from Heathrow. And the service they provided was phenomenal. The driver was polite. Well dressed. Car was looking stunning as they picked me up in a new A8. Have recommended all my friends from abroad to use Prestige Taxi Heathrow. Well done first time I have been impressed for a while.”


“Always on time, cars are always clean, chilled bottled water, polite and efficient, I use them all the time and have never found them wanting”


“I have been using Prestige Taxis Heathrow for a couple of years now. The service they have provided for me over the years has been phenomenal. They are always on time never had a problem waiting around for them. Also, cannot forget the journeys are really quick. The journeys themself are so calming and relaxing. The drivers are astonishing always friendly and greet you with a smile. I have not had any problems with Prestige Taxi Heathrow. I have recommended them to all my friends and business colleagues.”

Our Deals

Have a look at our affordable deals. We try our best to cover most important destinations for you. No other taxi service can beat us in pricing.

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